Chroneegee is the God that controls time. He can go into the future or past at will. He, along with Galaxeegee and Aagee, were created by Pureegee. Chroneegee is officially the second most powerful Weegee, tied with Galaxeegee. Chroneegee lives on the left sun in the United 'Gees Galaxy while Galaxeegee lives on the right. He has a son named Clockeegee and another son named Timeegee. He is the calmest of his brothers but is the most likely to harm someone first when ordered by Pureegee. He seems to have a pretty strong dislike towards mortals and Demons. 


Time Travel: Clearly, he can go back and forward in time as it says, he is the godly Weegee that controls time.

Time Freeze: Usually, unneeded but if so, Chroneegee can freeze time so if anyone have a advantage on him, he can simply freeze time then attack.

Teleportation: A basic Weegee power, but he can also teleport through time in any place he wants.

Time Blasts: Chroneegee can create blasts that can appear instantly to hit his foes. Usually, it comes as a shock to them.

Timeline Travelling: He can go through any timeline as he pleases but he can't really mess with them unless told by Pureegee.

Toon Chroneegee

Toon Chroneegee