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This is the full story of how Chinagee almost fell to the wrath of The Anti-Weegee Alliance . For I, Autheegee was there to witness the whole thing.


AUTHEEGEE—I walked off the starship that had taken me from the United 'Gees Galaxy all the way to Beijingee, Chinagee. Boy was I excited to move into my new home. Despite having difficulties communicating with Bejingeers, as they speak Chinese, I was able to find a way to my new house. The technology in Chinagee was just amazing! A flying monorail took me to my house in 3 seconds. Walking in the door, I saw that the house was amazing. High tech computers, TVs and appliences. Way better than my old home! I then knew, that Chinagee was where I belonged


"Osama Bin Weegee !" said Maolleo . "What is it?" replied Osama Bin Weegee. "I think I have found a way to take control of the United 'Gees Galaxy." "HOW?" "Just outside of the Trolliverse, there is a universe called Chinagee. The two universes went to war and Chinagee almost won! The Anti-Weegee Alliance can easily take it over, I'm sure." "Maolleo, that is a good idea, if we take over a universe that almost beat the UGU, the we can use our combined strength to win!" Maolleo grinned. "Get everyone to the starships, we will leave in 30 minutes."


AUTHEEGEE—The next day I woke up, thinking about what my next book would be about. I decided to take a walk to try to get inspiration. Seeing the tall buildings was very inspiring. As well as seeing more traditional buildings. Later that day, I ate dumplings with chopsticks and Chopstickeegee's Chopstick House of Chopsticks and Dumplings. That afternoon I decided to see the capitol building. It was very impressive! Many gates and walls surrounded it. A Chinesegee gave me a tour. When I was about to leave, a TV began to blare. "Jǐnggào! Nǐ de yǔzhòu shì shòudào gōngjí! Qǐng bǎochí lěngjìng, yīn wéi gōngjí shì bùshì zài nín de qūyù. Dànshì, wǒmen suǒ tīng dào de shì nǐ de fāngshì! Ānquán wū qīng jiē, nǐ kěnéng huì sǐ zài jǐ gè xiǎoshí nèi."

All of the sudden, everyone began to panic. I assumed it was an advertisement of some sort and ignored it. I walked out of the building, on my way home. I had to walk because the monorail admin wasn't there. In fact, nobody was in sight. Another strange thing, every billboard, TV screen or electronic banner was showing the same text.


Now I was getting worried. I pulled out my gPhone and decided to translate what all the craziness was about. The text translated to:

Warning! Your universe is under attack! Please remain calm, as the attack is not in your area. But we have heard it is coming your way! Please report to the Safehouse at the end of Qing Street or you might die within a few hours.

At first I though it was a mistake so I retranslated it. Same message. This time I used a different translation app. Same thing. I was scared. I began to look for Qing Street, but of course, everything was in Chinese. I looked at a map app on my gPhone, which automatically translated stuff, and located Qing Street and the safehouse. Running up to it, I saw the door close. It was then locked. I began pounding and pounding on it, yelling "LET ME IN! HELP! YOU FORGOT ME!" hoping someone in there knew English. Finnally a Chinesegee named Xicha opened the door. He knew English and Chinese. Just as the strong reinforced door closed, I saw airplanes swarm the sky. "Come on," said Xicha, "We need to get to the bunker with the rest

To Be Continued

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