Chinagee (中國嘖嘖) is a star cluster some 80 lightyears away from the Trolliverse. Its inhabinants are a species of Fakegees called Chinesegees. Communistgee is the dictator. Chinagee is a leading star cluster in economy. It manufactures and exports just about anything you can think of. Also, Chinagee has a huge population. For some reason, Chinagee's economy and geography closly resemble China's. A nation on the planet Earth in another dimension. Ortrio guards the cluster and portal from any threat for safety.

Dictator Communistgee
Capital City Beijingee
Largest City Shanghaigee
Dominant Species Chinesegees (A species of Fakegees)
Other Species 97% Chinesegees 2.5% Koreaneegees .3% Humans .1% Fakegees .1% Weegee Clones
Official Language Chinese
Curency Renminbee (1 Chinageebux = .5555551 USD)
Population 129,038,902,419,812,059 (2012 Census)



Exports Just about everything

Communistgee, the dictator of Chinagee

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