Carnavana is the Fortran version of Robotnik. He has the power known as "Bash On to Robot!". When he says it, the victim turns into a robot. He is the enemy of Cubebe,the Fortran version of Sonic. Carnavana is the best scientest in the United 'Gees Galaxy. Carnavana made Baladoe, the Fortran version of Metal Sonic, but sometimes it desobeys Carnavana. Carnavana's favorite food is chocolate. Carnavana is obssesed with chocolate so much. That day, his stomach hurt more then as if he ate 35 crickets. Carnavana has 2 toon forms. His strong one (the scary one), and the weak one (poorly drawn doodle, no effence Gerard.). ItsCarnavana will make a Toon Carnavana page soon.

Carnavana, the evil scientist

Toon carnavana

His weak toon form.

Toon Carnavana

Strong toon Carnavana.

Carnavana also made the TRWRSS, along with Dr. Scientisteegee. Just like Scientisteegee, Carnavana used to work for Weegee, but Weegee fired him, inducing him to be evil. Carnavana got killed by Baladoe but got revived by Un Ded into Carnavana II. He Has A Breature, A Greature, a Zeature, and a Zreature of himself. He later had a son named Dr. Ehgmawn. he is rivals with cubebe..

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