Carmellio is a multicolored version of Malleo. He is brothers with Suteegee and Sutalleo. He along with his brothers were given SuperDNA, however he was given a overdose of it so he became Caramellio. This makes his family one of the few that have two Malleo clones in it; him and Sutalleo. He can shoot multicolored lasers out of his eyes. Along with Sutalleo and Xalleo he is an honorary member of The Rainbow Weegees and has just joined recently. He is also in the League of Weegees.

The Colossal Fakealleo War of '73

After discovering that The Underwater Weegee Alliance was trying to free his brother, Suteegee, he and Halleo made peace between the two armies. Right now, him and The Underwater Weegee Alliance are going to the Fakegee prison to free his brother
Toon Caramellio

Toon Caramellio.

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