A Budgeegee

Budgeegees are common pet birds in the the United 'Gees Galaxy. They come in 5 different colors, Green, Blue, Black, GreyPurple, and Ino. They have many more striping patterns, like Opalineegee.


Budgeegees are 6 to 8 inches for the normal and half-Englisheegee, and 8 inches for the Englisheegee. They cost around ₩25. They eat Weegee grass seeds. They are the most popular pet bird for Fakegees. Gangnamgee even loves these beautiful pet birds and he as watched several do Gangnam Style. He plans on making a parody of Oppa Weegnam Style with these birds.


Like Weegee, Budgeegees are considered immortal, but in the wild, they are believed to live to only 15 years, which is not true because they are forever immortal. A weegee virus, which 95% of Pet Budgeegees get, reduces their lifespan by 7 years, which is still immortal for them.


  • Budgeegees are fond of KayteeGee Fihaustah Macks Pahllahkeyt, A Weegified budgerigar food for Budgeegees.
  • The opposite of Budgeegees are the Waweebudgeegee.
  • Toon Budgeegee is a Budgeegee in the Toon United 'Gees Galaxy
  • Budgeegees spread the Budgeegee virus, turning budgerigars into budgeegees.
  • Even though Budgeegees are not Fakeegees, they have a weegee form
  • Both Male and Female Budgeegees (the pic is a female Budgeegee) have a Weegee form with a mustache.
  • The Budgeegee Fortran is called Budgocubbi.
  • Budgeegees look like budgerigars with Weegee eyes
  • There are no Malleo Budgeegees.
  • GreyPurple is a mix of the now extinct Budgeegee mutations Gray and Purple. It is still alive.
  • Budgeegees are found throughout the United 'Gees Galaxy, but they originated in the North-Western region.
  • A flaming Budgeegee appears in The Youtube Poop The Rise of Sqeegee 6 video.


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