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This Is Bowja

Bowja Was Created When Dr. Scientisteegee created a robot that looks just like Boozuh. Bowja Malfunctioned and went on a rampage. He then saw Boozuh and started to attack. Weegee and Daizeh saw the Commotion. Bowja turned around and saw Daizeh he Then stopped attacking Boozuh and grabed her and flew away like a rocket. When Weegee encountered Bowja for the first Time Bowja had set up bomb around the arena Weegee was smart and Grabbed Bowja by the Tail and threw him into one of the Bombs. Bowja went flying he fell to the ground he just transported into the Fire Sea. Weegee had transported to the area and Weegee then did the same thing as he did before. Bowja then transported to the sky and so did Weegee. Then and there it was the final battle for Daizeh he did the same thing again this time it took 3 hits after the second hit the arena had turned into Starman Weegee then hit Bowja Into The bombs an saved Daizeh. Weegee said this before Bowja had exploded "Spahgetii" that was it Bowja had died.

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