Boozuh 2.0

Boozuh is Malleo and Weegee's deceased enemy, the son of Gorvanjo and the former leader of his army of Cupuh Trupuhs.


Toon Boozuh

Toon form

Boozuh Cupuh

Old Version

In Mario is Missing, he gets owned at his castle when Weegee owns him by pushing off Boozuh the castle for good, so he can save his brother Malleo. Then Boozuh got covered in snow.

Boozuh returned in Mario's Time Machine while Malleo saw a time machine and went to many random places. At the end of Mario's Time Machine, Boozuh was mauled to the dinosaurs.

Signature Power

Boozuh Stare: He can destroy the world with a stare, but he will never because he will also destroy the universe if he does it.

Minor Powers