Bombeegee Remake

Bombeegee Remake

Bombeegee is the result of a Bob-omb getting the Weegee Virus. Bombeegee became a general in Weegee's Army. Everybody, including Weegee, does not try to make Bombeegee angry, because if they did, Bombeegee's head would explode and the entire United 'Gees Galaxy would blow up in a giant nuclear explosion. If he stares at you, you violently explode. Bombeegee is one of the few Fakegees without a typical head. He has joined the League of Weegees. Morshu and Morsheegee like to make little tiny clones of him and sell the clones as weapons. He also creates Nuke Gees are bombs 43 times more powerful than a normal nuclear bomb

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