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Beegee, the leader

Beegee's Army (known also as the Great Beegee Army) is an army lead by Beegee. It is mainly occupied by Beegee soliders, which look similar to Malii soliders but they are blue and light blue.


  1. Beegee (Leader)
  2. Balleo (Second in Command)
  3. Jeegee (Double Agent)
  4. Jalleo
  5. Blue Yushees
  6. Beegee Soldiers
  7. Grenadeegee
  8. 500 Snowgees
  9. Bombeegee
  10. Ceegee
  11. Keegee
  12. Reviveegee
  13. Peebee

The army has been in every war with the Fakegee Union except in the first Fakegee War, when Balleo fought for the Fakealleos. Beegee's Army is partnersip with Weegee's Rainbow. It then worked with the League of Weegees when the Fakegee Union disbanded.

Wars Participated In