Beegee, the leader

Beegee's Army (known also as the Great Beegee Army) is an army lead by Beegee and is the head army in the Beegee Star System. It is mainly occupied by Beegee soliders, which look similar to Mahzii soliders but they are blue and light blue and they have a giant "B" on their helmets.
Beegee Solider

A Beegee Solider


  1. Beegee (Leader)
  2. Balleo (Second in Command)
  3. Jeegee (Double Agent)
  4. Jalleo
  5. Bushee
  6. Blue Yushees
  7. Beegee Soldiers
  8. Catapulteegee
  9. Grenadeegee
  10. Frostgee
  11. Gelexeegee II (Deceased, killed by Pureegee)
  12. Guneegee
  13. Bob The Builder
  14. Athleegee (Deceased)
  15. Barney
  16. Bushee
  17. Snipeegee²
  18. 600,000 Bahziis (Used only for defense)
  19. 500,000 Snowgees
  20. Bombeegee
  21. Yigee
  22. Ceegee
  23. Keegee
  24. Aerogee
  25. Flapeegee
  26. Hurricaneegee
  27. Tornadeegee
  28. 148,859 Skygees
  29. Flagee
  30. Reviveegee
  31. Athleegee III
  32. Zalleo
  33. Failresqeegee VI
  34. Peebee
  35. Beetee
  36. Beezee
  37. Heebee

The army has been in every war with the Fakegee Union except in the first Fakegee War, when Balleo fought for the Fakealleos. Beegee's Army is partnersip with Weegee's Rainbow. It then worked with the A.A.Q.W.F when the Fakegee Union disbanded. Wars The Army Has Been In:

NOTE: The people listed next to the war tell who was in the war and what side they were on.*

  • Different Beegee soilders fought in different wars.