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What is B.A.S.S, you ask? B.A.S.S stands for Bad Article Search Squad and it's a group of Weegeepedians who seek and report low-quality articles to this page. Want to join B.A.S.S? Anyone can! This is a community project aiming to get rid of the bad articles or improve them. Want to join B.A.S.S? Just put your name on the list and start posting!

Official Members

Bad Categories

Bad Articles

  1. Schnomin: Pointless, short (Improve)
  2. Cfuveegee: pointless
  3. Lemon Lime Radiation: Pointless, too many radiations
  4. Weegee Doll: A pathetic excuse of an article.
  5. Tails Doll: Another pathetic excuse of an article.

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