Avengee is a Fakegee created by Terrifiregee. He serves Terrifiregee by avenging him. If someone bothers Terrifiregee or tries to fight him or something, Avengee will find that person and do things to him/her. Horrible things. He rules over the northwest of Terrifiregee's Domain, next to a mountain. He is also one of the few Terrifiregee's Domain kings who can be summoned, along with Deathgee and Grudgeegee.

Avengee was supposed to aid Hadeseegee to protect the domain, but soon, Avengee proved to be very skilled in performing tasks on the outside world. He was first given a mundane iron sword, but as he accomplished more and more missions for Terrifiregee, the blade of his sword became permanently blood-red after so many victims.

How to Summon

In order to summon Avengee, you must give him seven blood sacrifices and one of them must be an act of violent revenge. After doing so, you must read the 35th chant of the Necronomicon during midnight. Avengee will then show up. You can ask him to kill anyone you want. He will then chase after that person until either he is banished or that person dies. Not being polite, however, can make Avengee kill the summoner instead.


  • Flight: He can fly speedily.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport anywhere in Terrifiregee's domain and the outside dimension (Trolliverse).
  • Telepathy: He can read the minds of others, communicate with others through thought, and manipulate people using the mind
  • Nightmare Invoking: He can give anyone horrible nightmares.
  • Vengeful Blade: His counter-attacks with his sword are twice as powerful as his normal attacks.
  • Fire Gust: He can summon forth a strong gust of fiery wind.