Astroeegee was a Weegee Clone that always wanted to blow up a planet. All the Fakegees knew about space but none had ever been there. How? They kept taking their information from NASA. In 1961, Weegee was notified that the Soviet Union was planning to take a man into space. The United 'Gees Galaxy wanted to have the honor instead, so FASA (or Fax street Administration) was established. Then, Weegee gathered a large group of scientists and created the Weegimax Rocket. They wanted to take a Fakegee into space, so they chose Astroeegee, who joined FASA the day he first heard about it. On April 11, 1961, Astroeegee was blasted into space. The rocket was equipped with a Menichar Missile Launcher, so he got to destroy Ur Anus, the planet that emitted a noxious fume. When he returned to Weegin, his home planet, he was celebrated and became famous, not for his accomplishment of being the first person in space, but for the destruction of Ur Anus, which, as stated earlier, emitted a noxious fume. Astroeegee then went on many more trips to space, and he was the United 'Gees Galaxy's only astronaut. His death occurred many years later, in 2011, when he was directed to investigate a mysterious planet 5 lightyears from Weegin. When he came within range of the planet, a mysterious blurry Weegee clone with glowing yellow eyes appeared and destroyed him. His ship was found in 2012, floating in space, and the embedded video camera revealed the whole scene.

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