Fine Quality Armagdeegee
Armageddeegee is the best friend of Omnieegee and is a good Weegee God. He is the god of destruction (But is one of the weakest Gods) and appears to replaced the World Destroyer.


Armageddeegee was born when the black hole of the United 'Gees Galaxy was created. He became the best friend of Omnieegee and a member of the Anti-The Anti-Weegee Alliance (League of Weegees.).He hates Voideegee for some reason


Armageddeegee have two principal powers: Armageddon and Genesis, these two powers can destroy and create, but he can't destroy a living being directly. But Armageddeegee can destroy living beings with energy spheres, blackholes and other living things. There are most of his powers:

Armageddon Powers:

Oblivion Explosion (An explosion [or an implosion] that destroyes all life forms in the area Armageddeegee choses)

Black Hole

Destroy Objects
Toon Armageddeegee

Toon Armageddeegee

Dark energy rays and Spheres

Armageddon Assault

Armageddon Shield

Armageddon Stare

Self-Destruct (He explodes [or implodes] and destroyes all in the range of 1000 Miles)

Genesis Powers:

Neo Explosion (An explosion that creates any amount of earth Armageddeegee wants)

White Hole (Sucks anything that is inside a blackhole out)

Creating Objects

Creating living beings

Light Ray and spheres

Genesis Assault

Genesis Shield

Genesis Stare

Genesis Medic (Armageddeegee can heal with this power)

Recreating (If Armageddeegee is lucky,the dispersed particles of energy wil recreate he,with only the energy for use a teleport for flee,sometimes this power will create an Energyeegee and an Healeegee,if Armageddeegee use this power without exploding or imploding this will only create an Energyeegee and/or an Healeegee)

Other Powers:



Flight Ability

Armageddeegee Stare (You tranform into an Armageddeegee Clone)