Angeredgee is an evil Fakegee that was created by Terrifiregee. He always looks angry. He serves Terrifiregee by making people angry. He one of the eight kings of Terrifiregee's Domain (ruling the southeast) and is the most loyal to Terrifiregee. He is always angry, though, and his favorite passtime is KILLING things.

Despite being angry all the time, he gets along well with his brothers, save for Grudgeegee. He is best friends with Avengee because both love revenge. His palace is filled with berserking undead warriors and the deadliest traps. He also has a tamed undead dragon there, which is a gift from Deathgee.


  • Warp: Can warp throughout the Terrifiregee's Domain.
  • Fire Blast: He can blast balls of fire which explode upon contact.
  • Berserking Rage: He can turn into a berserking trance, increasing his attack power and nullifying any pain he would feel.
  • Anger: His presence makes people angry. This, of course, depends on the strength of their soul.
  • Spell of Fury: He summons a rage-elemental to aid him in battle. The summoned can use many fire spells and can also deal a large amount of melee damage.