So long, so fast Dr. Scientisteegee! -Alphaweegee

Alphaweegee (or Alphagee) is a very powerful Fakegee that was a weegee clone. The story all started when Dr. Scientisteegee made a weegee cloner (his robot stole the blueprints from Weegee) and made 3 clones: Betaweegee, Omegaweegee, and Alphaweegee. He wanted to clone an army for The Anti-Weegee Alliance. After he tested them, he thought his idea was a success. It was later found out there was a secret Fakegee named Deltaweegee about which Alphaweegee and the others didn't know about. At night, Alphaweegee broke the cloner. The cloners source gave alphaweegee cloning powers. After that, he was wandering around his lab and saw a strange rainbow flower. When he touched the flower it gave him RR (rainbow radiation). He has an army, as well.

His journey begins

After that, Alphaweegee escaped and he made a brother.  He wanted a brother and used his cloning power to make a brother. His name was Betalleo. Now, Alphaweegee is planing to make an army to rule the United 'Gees Galaxy. But, later his anger cooled down so instead of attacking he joined Weegee's Army.


Since Alphaweegee got power from the cloner he has some nice abilities.

  • Cloning: Alphaweegee can clone ANY Fakegee (including himself). However, the clone will be weaker than the original Fakegee. Plus, he can't clone Weegee gods.
  • Alpha stare: When he stares at someone, they will explode.
  • Invisibility: He can turn invisible.
  • Invincibility: He won't die. (Unless Hypneegee, weegee or a weegee god fights, he can be owned.) Scrap that.
  • Super rainbow boom: He can make a giant deadly rainbow explosion. (Alphaweegee can do "Imma fire in ma lazor", too)  
Toon AlphaweegeeV2

Alphaweegee's powerful toon form

  • Alpha corruption: He will use the POWAH OF ALPHA And corrupt you into a ̺͙̩̮̳̠͘ǝ̧̟̞ǝb̰̼ǝ̧̣͍̰͚͈͔͕ʞ̲ɐ̣͇ɟ̤. You will serve him in this form.
  • living in your closet: I know where you live, Text_will_be_replace_with_username .

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