Alleo is a Fakealleo who is the brother of Aegee. Unlike Aegee, he doesn't only say "A" words. He fought in the Binary War with his brother but wasn't there to save him. He ended up surviving the war but was still upset about his brother. Later on he heard that his brother was revived and is now a member of The Anti-Weegee Alliance. Alleo went to their HQ to see his brother but Aegee II had no memory of him. (That is because when Un Ded revives someone they don't have any memory of their past.) This made Alleo angry and he knew he had to do something about it.


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Alleo decided to break in The Anti-Weegee Alliance's HQ and kidnap Aegee II so he could refresh his memory. He asked Spigee if he could borrow some spy equipment (Spigee said yes) and went under the name Spialleo. That night he snuck into The Anti-Weegee Alliance's HQ and kidnapped Aegee II and brought him to Weegee's Factory so that he could be back to normal. It worked, only he is still a cyborg and still goes under the name Aegee II..