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Alioeegee is a ex-universal Fakegee from the planet Neptune in the solar system. He came to this universe to get a better life and a job. He was very poor with only 5 Neptunian cents. He became a fakegee by fusing with a Weegee Clone. He is just a Weegee but wears a black shirt with dark blue overalls with Neptune in the middle. Alioeegee now has a great life and is sort of rich with 1,000,000 Weegee dollars. His old job was being a doctor that works with very sick civilians at the Weegee hospital but now is volunteering for League of Weegees.

Early life

Alioeegee was raised by Neptunian squids and lived on a boat. The squids always gave him Neptotrout for his meals and on holidays special food. One day the squids got mad at him for being tired and not doing his work. The squids then abandoned him and had to live on his own. Alioeegee then started eating aton of Neptotrout  to fart his way out of the universe. One day he farted and went so fast it took 5 seconds to get out of the galaxy called the Milky Way. The next day he arrived here.


Alioeegee can collect water and throw it at an opponent soaking them and sending them back. The larger it is the more knockback.

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