Hypneegee Agent

Agent D-716 is the head of the Hypneegee Agents in an alternate universe.


In an alternate reality, Hypneegee gave an undeveloped Fakegee the Hypneegee Virus, killing all Fakegee DNA from in him. The Fakegee developed quite quickly after that event, making him a Hypneegee Clone. He was then named D-716.

Destruction of Weegee's Union

"You are a clone of me Clone 34! Not Hypneegee's clone!"

"We are not legion..."

-Fakegee and D-716

D-716 was later instructed by Hypneegee to annihilate Weegee's Union. The powerful D-716 did as he was told, by first destroying Weegee. He killed Weegee by impaling him with a spear. He then murdered his creator, Fakegee. Fakegee tried to convince him that he was just being used as a tool of destruction. He then told D-716 that he was his true creator, not Hypneegee. D-716 then told him that Hypneegee was his creator and killed Fakegee.


After the United 'Gees Galaxy was destroyed, D-716 returned to Hypneegee for further instruction. Hypneegee told D-716 that he was the ruler of the Multiverse now and forever. He then told D-716 the truth about the past. When Hypneegee turned around, D-716 impaled him with a spear. He then destroyed all of Hypneegee's possessions. He then declared himself ruler of the multiverse.

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