Agee spelling: Ajee (Or Age Gee) is a normal Fakegee. His name has the word "Age" in it. It makes his name

These are the ages of Agee. There is an old version, but it is not showen on the image.


About Agee

Nobody knows who his mother or father is. It is only known that when he was born, he had light-green skin and no puplis. Cause of that, he was givin to charity. His brain grew faster than any other Fakegees. Soon, he had a plan of escape. And it worked. Some unknowen Fakegee to us took him home and "adopted" him. In time, he found out that he has an ability of changing age. He will never die, only if somebody kills him. When he was a teen, he worked as a waiter in 'G Donalds. Sadly, his adopter died when Agee was 18 years old. He found a wife named Jollee. They always wanted a child, but they never got one.

LriGee.s adventure.

Alphaweegee sent LriGee to spy on Dr. Scientisteegee. While LriGee was spying, she saw a strange metal box. She looked in it and accidentally pressed a button with her hand. After that the box nocked her out and she flew into another machine and teleported next to Agee and Jollees house. LriGee was laying on the ground untile Jollee looked at her and said "Aww! What a cute baby!" You can predict whats in LriGees minds. "What!? Im not a baby!" - (LriGees mind...) Jollee picked her up and went into the house. She went by the mirror and LriGee saw herself in it. "Ohh! So thats what the machine does..." - (LriGees mind). "Agee look!" Jollee replied. LriGee started to say different weird unknowen words. (Shes a baby, forgot?) Agee was smart, and thought of making LriGee older, to find out what she wants. It was an expiriment. Who knows, maybe if you make a baby older it won't know how to talk. And so he  turned LriGee older, and then she started to tell everything. They all said about thereself and about there life. *BACK TO ALPHAWEEGEE....* *Box apperese in Alphaweegees room* *LriGee, Agee and Jollee come out.* Alphaweegee- "WHAT THE?!" *Everyone telling the story starts*. "Maybe you will want to be our dauter, LriGee.?" Said Jollee. "Ok!" And so LriGee found a family. (But remember, LriGee wasn't a child anymore and Agee left it like that.)     

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