Aagee is a God that has control over life and death and can blast both fatal and resurrecting beams from his eyes. He gave Reviveegee his power to revive beings from the dead. Aagee is Pureegee's youngest son and Chroneegee and Galaxeegee's brother. He is much stronger than Weegee and was supposed to be the ruler of the United 'Gees Galaxy. When he was young, he accidentally teleported to an abandoned planet and grew up there, so Fortran was elected as ruler until he was surpassed by Malleo and Weegee. He and Pureegee made Gladiogee to protect the good from the evil along with a lot more beings including The Pure Phalanx. They were known as the Pure Ones. Eventually Aagee formed the Aagee Galaxies, which is pretty much just mass space and currently lives there. 


  • Deadly Eye Beams
  • Resurrecting Eye Beams
  • Minor Galaxy Creation
  • Invincibility to non-divine attacks
  • Ability to Revive or Kill Non-Deities at any time