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?Weegee? is a Weegee clone who is quite mysterious and unknown.

Who is ?Weegee? 

?Weegee? is a well... DIDN'T I JUST TELL YOU!!!!!. Now, when ?Weegee? was young very shy, and he still is. He was also picked on by a Fremmlin named Sammy. One day ?Weegee? supposedly pushed him into a radioactive vat. Ever since he made Sammy Skelemar, he has lived a very quiet life. 

X-tra Trivia

  • Weegee was freinds with Sammy before the Class President election.
  • Yeegee  is dead, I think.
  • Dolan is not on Weegeepedia, yet.
  • This page and the page for Psychogee were made by the same user.

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